Cant launch a new game because of MSVCR71.dll

i have downloaded the file and put it into windows - system.

when i try registered it gives me the message that the file MSVCR71.dll was loaded , but the DllRegisterServer entry point was not found.
This file can not be registered.

any idea on what to do now?
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  1. what exactly are you trying to do? Registered what?
  2. register the file MSCVR71 .... that/s what i've been told to you.

    i am trying to launch a new game in my laptop... after I install the game, my computer is asking for this file MSCVR71.dll.
  3. Did you buy the game or are you trying to hack it?
  4. i bought it..
  5. OvrClkr said:
    Did you buy the game or are you trying to hack it?

    i bought it
  6. Well what game are we talking about here? You should not need to install any files other than what comes on the cd/dvd unless it is a patch or expansion.
  7. A lot of games do assume the presence of MSVCR71.dll...I've seen this happen enough to know this [can] actually be a legit case.

    I generally just stuff it in the application root directory as needed
  8. thanks for the feedback =) hopefully he will read your post and fix the issue.... Me, I have never seen such error... And my game library is extensive....
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