FOR SALE: intel i7, gtx 670 gaming desktop.


This is a high-end performance-based computer that is custom built to spec and finished late June 2012. (We test the computer two months before selling to make sure there are no problems with the build) This computer can run any game on the market on highest performance settings with no trouble whatsoever. It also has enough ram to double as a server, or it can run photo/video editing software with no problems. This computer can handle anything you throw at it. Build specs are as follows:

Motherboard: Asus z68 deluxe/gen3

CPU: Intel 3770k UNLOCKED 4ghz stock

GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 670 2gbvram

Memory: Gskill ripjaws 16gigs 1800 speed

Heatsink: Phanteks PH-TC14

Power supply: corsair 1200whatt AX gold

Case: coolermaster haf X (added second 200mm fan)

SSD: 2x 120g corsair force gt in RAID 0 for a total of 240g

HD: western digital caviar black 2tb

optical drive: ASUS blueray reader/writer 12xspeed

Fan controller: lamptron fc9 200 watt fan controller+all in one card reader

Wireless card: Linksys wmp600n duelband card+50ft Ethernet cable

belkin 4000j power surge protector


plus, custom LED lighting strips with remote. hundreds of different colors and patterns.


Mouse: Razer Mamba 6400dpi

Mousepad: Razer Vespula double sided

Keyboard: Logitech G19 with lcd screen and Gkeys

Monitor: 25in Asus VE258G 3ms response time LED backlit

Headset: Logitech G930 wireless surround sound overear headset

Webcam: Logitech C910 1080p HD video, professional quality 10mp pictures.

The asking price is $3700. This is a good price for the quality of this lot. (If you dont believe it try building one on dell or cyberpowerPC online and see for yourself. You will find yourself staring down well over 4k) If you want the desktop alone and not the monitor, keyboard, headset, mouse and other such peripherals, just the CASE and all it contains as well as windows ultimate, the price will be held at $3000 even. Price is firm I dont want to lose any more money than I already am.

If you are interested or want pictures, just contact Zachary Stewart (ext. 3054) or email:, or shoot me a PM

If you have any suggestions on how to get this thing sold before school starts that would be much appreciated, Im trying to build a new much cheaper rig to get me through college. Thanks!

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  1. BUMP*
  2. Check your prices a bit buddy!
    This computer can be built for way less then your asking price of $3000. Plus you are posting this on a builder's forum, so most likely the people here will spec this exact build (if they wanted this exact one) and build it for $2000-2300. Sorry bud! but you won't sell this for $3000 unless you catch someone on craigslist, or someone that doesn't know how to build.
  3. Actually if you put the cart together on newegg and add in the custom lighting job I had done, which cost almost 100$, the price equates to roughly 2800$. So I guess I will selling it for 2700$ then as I did not realize the prices on these parts went down, especially the ssd's.

    Screenshot to prove it

  4. I'm not against you, just trying to help you sell this thing :]
    That's fair enough, I didn't add the windows 7 and some of those extras in my cart. But unless someone commissions you to build it, at least here, you won't get what you paid for it, just because everyone considers it used. Good luck with the sale though!
  5. EPIC LOL @ 2700 asking prices!!!!!

  6. Not really guavasauce, I have barely used it its not even 3 weeks old. If you call that used then ok, use whatever definition you want, but its what I am asking none the less so unless you are interested in my offer then please keep the sarcasm to yourself, thanks you.

    And the duplicated fan controllers I added represents the approx cost of my fan contorler, FC9, and the card reader thing. I figured this would be great for someone who lives close to me, that way they could come see it in person, and if they want it, they can have it then and there all setup and ready to go rather then having to wait if they ordered it. But gammerx your probably right, the odds of this happening are slim but I thought Id try anyway. thanks though :)
  7. My friend gordonie. i am not here to make fun of you, just to tell you why the other guys makes fun of you(actually i laugh a bit my self)

    As you shopping from newegg you will be familiar with open box items. From the moment you open a box of a part, the part it self loses value. From the moment you put it in a machine and boot it up its from that moment on a used part. A slightly used part if you want. But it loses a lot of its value.
    So its hard to sell it if you dont want to lose money.

    And for sure your asking price is well above what is should be...

    Best luck to you..
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