Anyone found a good free guide for ME2

I'm new to RPGs. I tried Dragon Age Origins just for the reviews. I fell in love with it, so I got Mass Effect 2. Coming fresh out of Dragon Age, the control threw mefor a loop, but getting better. I was just getting tired of FPS being so short on campaign, and long on price. I'm slowly catching on, but I really could use a free guide, I just barely found out I could mine planets. Having trouble changing weapons. Needless to say I haven't played Mass Effect, but I may pick it up after I have fully explored ME2. I tried Oblivion but it was just too tedious. Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Considering it just came out, it will take some time for guides that are free to come out with the exception of IGN. They already have an online guide for ME2 at

    Here are the sites I go to get guides. The first two (Gamespot and IGN) have free online guides and require a paid membership to get the PDF downloads. The third site only requires that you register your email address and you can get the PDF guides for free. All three are great sites. I would keep checking back to see if/when they get their ME2 guides up.

  2. isamuelsen,

    Thanks for the reply, I guess I should have been more specific about wanting a strategy guide. I am just having trouble "discovering" less obvious controls/proceedures for mission completion. It wasn't out of laziness to do my own search, Bioware's site was down yesterday, and search results were little help, because every site hit seems to have a "walkthough/stratagey" placeholder. I appreciate the the links, I hadn't known about gamepressure. Having just bought my first pair of magnifier reading glasses the printed material that ships with the game is a real bugger to read sometimes. Thanks again for the reply, because it was just released yesterday, I figured I might need some help in finding something.
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