Here's a funny issue .. BF2142, with full PC specs

It's choppy. It's horrible. I don't know why, I don't know how. It seems to really only happen when i turn left or right. Here are my specs;

Vista 64 (Ultimate)
i7 920 Stock clocks
6GB (3x2) 1066MHZ RAM OCZ Gold
Intel DX58SO MB
XFX GTX 260 (216SPs)
WD Black 7200RPM 32mb cache 1tb (WD100FALS I think?)
Monitor: Samsung Syncmaster P2370 set @ 60hz. - 60 Hz x 81 KHz supposed max rates, "2 ms" response time
Running through DVI

BF2142 is set to run @ 1920x1080 @ 60hz (native for this monitor)

Video driver version : 8.16.0011.9062

Page file showing 1969mb used, 10520mb available .. (Wait, how can I have a 10GB page file with 6GB ram? heh..)

For some reason, under display in DXDIAG, it says Approx. Total Memory : 3689 MB for my video card. It has 896, so I'm a bit confused by that.

I'm running the sound on low quality since i'm using onboard realtek HD Audio

Of course, I'm running games like L4D2, L4D, Mirror's Edge, all no problem .. (couldn't run mirror's edge on max though, sad panda) and I have the same problem during le mans on GRID. - le mans is a very large map that changes from night to day. I get the same jittery, choppy, jumpiness .. where it will miss some of my input, and cause me to fly off the tracks, or in BF2142's case, stand there like a complete doofus and get my face filled with bullets.

I'm curious to find out if anyone is having similar issues .. Or has any insight.

Also, would I benefit from cranking up the speed of my RAM at all, in games, or is it really just my GPU bottlenecking me and nothing else? I know the memory on the card is running at ~1000mhz, not sure if the system RAM needs to be on par/above it.

Thank you, my favorite community of fine tech denizens
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  1. First thought: drivers
    Second thought: PSU
  2. I've tried the latest drivers now, and every different type of setting on BF2142 from lowest to highest, different resolutions, etc.

    My PSU is an 850w Antec, this one so I know it's not underpowered for what I have.

    Is there any more info I missed here?
  3. Hmmm...

    What temps are you reaching? Both CPU and GPU.
  4. GPU I keep <60

    CPU loads at about 65c, idle at 55c. Never really looked at my CPU temps before. Is that high? Stock i7 920 cooler.
  5. I did some research and it's just a problem with BF2142. EA broke the game about 2 months ago and hasn't fixed it yet.

    My EA Boycott continues!
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