Okay upgrading from a 8800GTS 512 right now.

I have $150 right now and looking to buy asap.

If your card is not worth $150 of upgrade performance vs my current card don't bother.

Serious sellers only please.
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  1. i can sell you two used evga gtx 460s about a year old for 200$ reply if you are interested
  2. If I could do SLI i would probably be interested :/ Only supports crossfire.
  3. Well would you like to buy a single one
  4. Looking to get higher performance then just a single 460.
  5. I have a xfx 5870 with a vf3000 cooler. I can sell it for 175 plus shipping
  6. I have a evga 560ti 2gb for 180 shipped if you like
  7. the 5870 did you have it overclocked seeing as how your selling it with a cooler?

    Bane I'm up in the air about the 560 only because my board only supports crossfire. But I know that card is really strong right now.
  8. New 6870s are going for $150 AR with dirt

    New 7770 GHZ edition $114 AR

    I paid $177 AR for a 6950 and got BF3 and Deus Ex for free and BF3 would have cost me at least $30

    They also had a Sapphire 7850 for $189 straight up the other day
  9. Thanks for the info the 5870 is actually probably a better card then the 6870 though if I can recall correctly. Maybe not though.
  10. Nevermind I'm a rahtard cheaper card with equal performance and lower power >.> Plus overclocking is better
  11. Alright reasonable idea about what to get...
  12. I have a Sapphire 6770 1GB that I would let go for $100 shipped.
  13. It is overclocked,but with the cooler heat isn't an issue. I haven't pushed the voltage at all...Max voltage I ran was 1.79 volts, which is only .07 or so above stock which is nothing. The card can handle 1.30v or more without damage with proper cooling. I wouldn't sell a damaged card so let me know,thx
  14. I have a used 6870... $120 shipped to lower 48... I havn't overclocked it but I'm not sure about the previous owner. It is the his reference card.

    Pm me with questions. Prefer bitcoins.
  15. I meant 1.079,lol
  16. i have a xfx 6950 1gb i can sell for $150 i've only had it since mid june. you can email me at if you are interested. i can provide pics with my email address as proof i have it. we can make a transaction through paypal.
  17. I have a new, in box MSI Twin Frozr II Geforce GTX 570 if you are interested. I'm willing to sell it for about 250 if you can cover the shipping.
  18. The $150 6950 1GB if vltor has heatware or something sounds good.

    The 7850 for $190 is excellent too.

    Make sure your PSU can handle a 6950/5870 if you go for something that draws more power than an 8800.
  19. i could post a picture with my screen name date before the end of this week
  20. I have 2 Sapphire 6950's Dirt 3 Edition 2GB which can be unlocked to 6970 for $170 each included shipping to US50. My heatware is nanoscale, and I accept payment via paypal or Amazon payments.
  21. diamond 6870
  22. Nano I PM'ed you.
  23. evga gtx 560 ti for 165 shipped
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