Win7 64bit + SLI = pereodic freezes (Crysis)

Hey Peoples!

So I have installed W7 64Bit Ultimate as of recent, I have had SLI for some time now - 2xGTX260's (tho with my prev. OS - Win XP Pro I have never tried running Crysis in SLI).

All the games work perfect with SLI except Crysis (decided to try it for its DX10 beauty). What I get is basically strange periodic freezing in the main menu - music keeps playing, but mouse would stop moving for about 5 - 10 sec and then would resume, and this happens every 10 seconds or so - so its unmanageable. I am pretty certain this is the driver issue (196.21), at least i think it is. When i force it to run with a single card - i have no issues.

My Specs:

Q6600 @ 3.2Ghz
680i SLI mobo...

Any ideas?

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  1. Are you running it through Steam or CD,iam having the same sort of problem,but mine just freezes then i have to reboot,or a box will pop up saying "search on line to solve the problem",but nothing happens.It freezes when i click apply to change any of the settings,i am also running windows 7 64bit,but i have been on the compatibility Center web site and it says that its compatible.I am trying something else,someone posted that AVG can cause problems,so i have allowed the game in AVG but when i click on launch game in Steam it says "Game not available at this time,try again another time" so i dont know if the AGV thing has worked yet,ive had the game about 3 months now and not been able to play it,but i can play it if i dont change any settings what so ever.
  2. Nah... unfortunately bit diff for me...

    I have no AVG installed, it is Retail non Steam Crysis... and i can play with one card no problems... as soon as i enable SLI in Nvidia will start the game ok, and will be freezing in the main menu every 10 seconds...

    So for me this is SLI that screws it for sure... i am just too lazy to experement with diff drivers now... just kinda curious , cuz didnt see any one else having same problem..
  3. I really have to say i am jealous of your SLI 260's lol
  4. Well my poor CPU is farting out , trying to keep up with those guys : ( with i7 this RIG would kick some ass... but no money : )
  5. AMD for sure if you mostly game.
  6. OK, this thread is pretty stale now, but just in case - I figured out what my problem was... First of all i think part of it were drivers, i rolled back to 195.61 ? i think last whql from 195 series anyways. And the main problem was - My physical position of video cards in the motherboard. All the apps were glitchy as hell in sli, so i decided swap them over - i have GTX260OC2 - which was in slot one and GTX260Maxcore, which was in the slot 2 - swapped them around - issues are gone, can now run everything ok. I think frequencies on the OC2 are higher, so it was getting confused, as it needs to baseline by lower clocked card
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