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Hi everyone. I could use an opinion here. I have a gigabyte GA-8IHXP. Recently my keyboard(ms natural kb)just staring beeping continuously. Like it wasnt plugged in or something. Anyway, keyboard shot I put on another. I reboot and keyboard is back. Heres the funny thing. Whenever I shutdown and power back up my keyboard is dead again. Unless I pull the power cord when the PC shuts down! Weird. Unless the power cord is pulled I dont have the keyboard when doing a cold boot. I flashed the bios, I have never seen this before. I would think I have some kind of power issue with the port but caused by another KB going bad? Plus, wouldnt that mean I never get another kb to work? I could use a hand here...
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  1. That's why they call them " field replacement modules " in the A+ book. I agree, that is a really screwey error. Did someone possibly spill comething on it? Is it worth it to take it apart and clean the insides? Good luck.

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  2. Nope, it isnt the keyboard. I have swapped out 3 keyboards. It only occurs when I shutdown (as opposed to restart) Windows XP. If I shut it down I have to unplug the pc and plug it back in when the power is off. Then I can power it on and the keyboard is there. If I dont pull the power cord, no KB. The reason Im puzzled is how the PC knows Im yanking the cord when its completly turned off???
  3. Sounds like your kboard chip is going bad. You can still use a usb keyboard, but make sure that option is not dissabled in bios, as you cant enable it after the chip fails.
  4. Where would I find that option to enable a usb kb? I kind off knew this was going to be my answer.
  5. I have seen this many times and it is your power supply. Part of the power supply has failed!!

    Part of the circuit in the power supply that supplies power to parts of the motherboard has failed.

    This is now a problem because part of the circuits in the motherboard can now be dead.

    Replace the power supply everything will be fine if the board is still ok and all your keyboards will function again.

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  6. Thats interesting... I didnt think of the power supply but I do notice when I shutdown the keyboard light stays on until I pull the cord. I wonder if I have an issue with the mb...
  7. i suspect the standby 5v is the problem. you could disable the power on by keyboard option, that might do it. cs game server -
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