Very odd motherboard problem

I have an Asus A7N8X2.0 (rev 1005) with a 2500+ Athlon processor. I recently put in an Asus Geforce FX5600 (had a Geforce 3 before), and now when I do a cold boot of my system the speech reporter keeps blabbering (and I quote) "No CPU installed". This is obviously ludicrous since I know for a fact that I have one installed (it's in between the mobo and the fan right? ;), and the fact that my system is running and as stable as ever helps me to confirm this.

I managed to fiddle around with the BIOS and make it do this only for the first couple of seconds (versus the original never-ending reminder), but it's still oh so very annoying! (yet somewhat funny)

I know it's not the RAM since I recently changed/upgraded it. The intelligent thing for me to do would be to reinstall my Geforce 3 and see if it still occurs. But I'm a bit too lazy for that for the moment, and that still wouldn't identify the problem nor how to fix it.

Now, does anyone want to take a shot at this one? I'm thinking of flashing my BIOS with a more recent version, maybe that will set things straight. But I'd like a second opinion before I do anything drastic.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Just take the bitch out and shoot her. I believe pulling the system warning speaker leads is the method of choice.
  2. OT:

    Sorry for your troubles but that's funniest thing I've heard since my friend's old Plymouth Sapporo kept saying, "your door is ajar" and at night, "please turn off your headlights".

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  3. I think I'll have to buy a new soundcard and just ditch the onboard sound. This is pathetic, lol.

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  4. I agree, ditch the post reporter (in the bios) as it's an annoying piece of sh*t anyway. I have this board and my advice is to set the bios back to default before making any major changes (such as swapping components out). You should also visit (no offence to Toms) as they only deal with mobo's that have this chipset.

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  5. The thing is eveen if I disable the Speech POST reporter, it is still active at bootup. This is what makes it so annoying, there is no way I can disable it completely.

    I also reset my BIOS to default quite a few times, but to no avail. Would resetting it by removing the battery help more than resetting it from the BIOS?

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