Is my computer good enough for this?

I have Half Life 2 and I was satisfied with the graphics until I saw some vids on youtube about Fakefactories mods. I would really like to download them but first I need to know if my computer can handel it (preferably on all high) Here is my system:

E8400 at stock
4 gb DDR2 800 RAM

I think thats probably all you need to know for now, but other info is in my system coniguration under member info. I would also like to know if it is reliable and trustworty ie: does it come with a bunch of spyware or other crap that will slow my system down or is it safe to download. Half Life 2 plays great on all max setting at 1680x1050 and I was just a little concerned about theis quote on system requirements

"The 'normal' HD version, with a lot of HD textures and characters. This version requires a fast pc with at least 4GB of ram and a high-end grapichs card. A 64bit Windows version is required."

thanks for all the help!
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  1. With a 4890 you should be able to play HL-2 at full visuals, no matter what they do to it. The Source engine is 7 years old by now.

    As for how trustworthy the download is... well. I can't really comment, but mod sites are very community-focused, so methinks they would be downright stupid to use a mod to spread malware. Besides, if you want to send someone a virus, you use a Powerpoint. 90% of PC users just can't resist those.
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