I7 2600k,8gb1600 mhz, 2tb, radeon 5770\

Hey there, I am selling my custom built desktop. This thing was treated like my baby. I took great care of it and it works flawlessly.Handles HD video amazingly and handles almost all games I throw at it. The only reason I am selling this is because im a student, and being a student means I need something portable to take to class. The cable management can use some work but it gets the job done. There is one SMALL thing wrong with this pc. It involves the case. The middle part where you insert the screws to remove the cover, has fallen off. But luckily the top and bottom screws are still intact so it does not affect the look or performance of the system. Also on the same panel there is a very small crack, it was there when i got the case, but once again does not affect performance and is barely noticeable. Thats it.Ask for more pics! Any questions please ask.

NZXT PHANTOM white w/ black
GIGABYTE P67-ud4 (upgraded to UD5)
Intel Core i7 2600k
G.skill ripjaws 8gb (2x) 1600mhz RAM
2 seagate barracuda hardrives w/ 80gb bootdrive (7200rpm)
Lite-on 24x DVD writer/reader
Corsair enthusiast 650 watt PSU
Logitech Mk710 mouse/keyboard combo

Please PM for any messages about OSX on this pc.

Looking for $650 or best offer. Willing to trade for a laptop. NO hps,sony, or acer, prefer lenovo and asus.

Also for sale i have a Samsung S24A300B monitor. (24" LED 1080p) and klipsch promedia. All together i am looking for $1000 shipped. I plan on selling the monitor and the speakers separately after i sell the desktop first.

P.S. I know i have never traded anything on here. but i have 120+ feed back on ebay and i have sold one thing on which was a laptop which was sold for $900.
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  1. Looking for $900
  2. BUMP.
  3. Price drop $800! or $750 plus shipping!
  4. Interested in parting?
  5. depends on how fast i can sell most of the parts. What are you interested in? and BUMP
  6. PSU, CPU, and Memory.
  7. Price drop 750! buy the computer and the samsung 24in monitor together for only 800!
  8. Bump. please inquire about any questions at all!
  9. Bump. Lets go you'll be saving about $300 dollars.
  10. BUMP. Also looking for a trade for a laptop!
  11. PRICE DROP. 650 shipped and its yours!
  12. im interested in the i7 do you part it??
  13. Let me know if you part out the i7.
  14. Not parting out sorry.
  15. Bump. Please tell me this is not a good deal. any input would be nice!
  16. Bump. Really great pc.
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