MAss effect 2 vs far cry 2

Hi guys,
Not looking for a comparison as they are totally different games.

But why does far cry 2 run eh on a core i7950 with dual 4870x2's and mass effect 2 runs great?

does it make sense when a senior ati rep tells me that is isnt normally hardware, but often times the way a game is designed that will determine how it runs on hardware..

if a game is coded poorly , doesnt matter what hardware you have, it wont run well?
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  1. ME2 runs on the Unreal Engine, which offeres excellent performance across the board. Besides, quad GPU setups are horrendously optimized to begin with, which is probably causing you to lose FPS...
  2. well far cry 2, even with one card running doesnt run great..I mean it does, but it stutters..
    why would far cry 2 stutter, and bioshock doesnt, batman, didnt no other games stutter..

    i wonder if the engine far cry 2 uses, the dunia engine just isnt all that??
  3. I have a phenom II x4 955be with gtx260 core216 and I max farcry 2 out 1680x1050 without problem. It never stutters for me. With 8x anti aliasing I average about 30-40fps when just running around. With anti-aliasing off I'm seeing 45-60+. I'm just direct x10 btw.

    ME2 also runs great for me too. Not sure why your farcry 2 fps suffers because your system is more powerful than mine. How much fps are you averaging in FC2?
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