F.E.A.R. 2 Project Origin Steam Update Issue.

Ok I know it sounds like its a bit late to be buying Fear 2 Project Origin, but I bought the game 1 day ago for $20. I get home real glad that I got the game for that price, but when I finish installing it STEAM ( f***k steam btw) decided to start its sh**ty updating session for Fear 2. It goes up to 89/85/77% and stops and recycles back to 0% Updating. I dont have that fast of internet service since I'm using the city (houstonwifi) now I'm very irritated because when i click on the launch button it says game isnt ready for play. Btw did i mention that i hate steam!!!! Ok so I need help with this. I want to play and I was wondering if there were any ways i could possibly launch the game without steam updating. Steam should fix this updating issue and leave that to a webpage for us to do manualy if we want to. Does that all the darn time. Even with Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. I remember when games would come out without having to be connected to another third party A$$Hol*. Like crysis. thats it you click play and you are good to go. if you want to update do it manualy. Not by some automatic update crap. Ok if someone can help I'm more than glad to listen!!!! Thanks PC Community!
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  1. Do you have to have steam installed to play it?i have been playing F.E.A.R 2 and i have Steam installed but did not have to play it through steam.Try unistalling the game,then open Steam and go to settings and then interface and un-tick the box"Run Steam when windows starts".Hope this helps.Oh btw i hate Steam as well lol.
  2. If that does not work and you have to have Steam installed,install the game but before you launch it go to My Games and right click the Fear short cut,go to properties and then updates,there should be a drop down box which you can select "Do not automatically update this game"
  3. yeah it worked andy_93!!! thanks man, now im playing FEAR 2 at Maxed out settings 4AA, at 1400-900. awesome game, so realistic!!!! Exept Alma ofcourse. lol
  4. lol,i have just finished it,its a very good game,glad its work,enjoy.
  5. lol @ deleting posts.
  6. wow the game is so intense, somehow frightening and extreme. I love the part with the robot you get to drive. plus the graphics are so good, it runs with max out all 4xAA, 1400-900 smoothly without lags on my GTX260 / E8600 @ 3.33ghz. I wish other games like this one would run like that for example Crysis. it runs fine on my system but i cant use as much graphics as fear 2.
  7. Yes some posts were deleted lol,someone decided to put up a silly post which i took offence to,so i do have to appologize to admin for that,ppl just want help and if you cant offer it in some way shape or form and would rather just try to be a dumbass,why bother posting. Ok back to the game lol,yes that robot is ace,it is a very good game,but i dont think that it is as creepy as the first imo.Crysis is a whole different ball game to any game,3 years on and ppl still have problems running it lol,glad your enjoying the game.
  8. yeahh, however i cant wait to see what Crysis 2 brings for the pc . I've heard that the switch to consoles is going to ruin it. I hope not since im a big fan of the series.
  9. Well the switch to consol may help the pc gamer as it might not be a pc killer meaning that you might not need a world dominating super computer to play it lol,just hope that all the problems with the first one are ironed out for the second one.
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