Upgrades anything on this pc? suggestions?

running a core i7950
dual 4870x2's 2 gig each
6 gig of ram
1 tb 7200 rpm sata hd
23" monitor..
its actually an alienware system recieved as a gift back in july.

is there anything that I should upgrade here to play ANY game currently on the market or due out in 2010? to play the same with max settings on everything?

I got a new lcd acer 23 inch capable of 2048x1152..is that high enough of a resultion to max out with 2 graphics cards?

any ideas?
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  1. Hahaha, that PC is so awesome it will run anything in the near future.
  2. is it enough ram?
    how about the video cards?
    any good?

    I know its a constant battle betwene nividia and ati, either is fine I guess?
  3. *insert the trolled for E-peen inflation comment*

    If you want to work your cards buy a 2560x1600 30" monitor.
  4. what I have isnt sufficent enough?
  5. are these cards decent?
  6. those cards are a piece-of-s....t. get two of the new Nvidia 240. nice rig, anyway. :)
  7. nvidia 240? psh hardly better.
  8. you sound like a nividia fan..
    two 4870x2 cards are a post, you are crazy..
    but thanks
  9. it was a joke :) but thx
  10. I figured :)

    Out of curiosity, when running 3dvantage , what kind of score "should" I get?
  11. pnico said:
    I figured :)

    Out of curiosity, when running 3dvantage , what kind of score "should" I get?

    Google it ,,..get a new hd 5890 or 2 maybe 3 :p
  12. If you're desperate to upgrade, add an SSD (Intel or one with an Indilinx controller) and put your OS on it will speed up boot times and loading programs. That said, the rest of your system is already one of the best you can get, so sit back and enjoy it - you won't need to upgrade anything for a while yet.
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