Bad Company 2, EDIT: free beta keys, click link, get one beforeallgone

For those of you who downloaded the Bad company 2 beta that started today, how do you like it? I was very pleased to hear that the game would be coming out for PC. I'm considering downloading it on steam but i dont want to spend the money without hearing how it is.
I am also wondering if it will run well on my machine, having the high recomended requirments that it does.
I have a Q9400 oc to 3.5ghz, 4 gig ram, and a 512mb 4870. This is almost exatly what is recomened according to steam. Do you think i would get decent frame rates with this set up on a 1650 by 1080 screen?

Thanks FREE KEYS HERE. 5000 going fast
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  1. OMG i totally forgot! i can find any places to download it though.
  2. Nevermind, i found a place to get free Bad company 2 beta keys.
    If anyone is interested. Just sign up on alienware website:
  3. JDV, go here to download:
    There are mirror links on the right side. enjoy =)
  4. thank you qwoz. of course i didnt think of that lol.... and free beta keys? thats not right... :)
  5. So just got done playing it for a little while. pretty solid game in general. kinda dissapointed my system isn't the best for running it and full res. weird thing is the performance doesnt improve when i lower the resolution/ settings. In low spots i get maybe 25 fps spikes. When I am away from the battle i get about 70. I ran some monitering and i was able to conclude that it is infact my single 4870 that is bottle necking. My cpu never went about 75 percent. going to see if i can overclock it a little bit. Eventually ill move up to a 5870 =)
  6. It is great, but i need a new router BAD. This one is horrible i get some pretty bad lag sometimes. something i cant deal with. But the gameplay is cool, i havent cranked the gfx up yet
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