WTS: Used Gigabyte GTX 570 + Lightly Used 12GB ADATA RAM (6x2GB)

Nothing I'm selling comes with the original packaging, nor instructions. Drivers can be obtained through for the graphics card, and RAM needs only to be installed.

First up, the used GTX 570:

I've upgraded to a 670, and have no use for this GPU anymore. It's been owned and operated by an adult in a smoke-free household. It's always been kept cool and never overclocked beyond the factory settings.

Price: $200

Next, six sticks of ADATA 2GB RAM: (Not the exact prodcut)

These sticks include the heat spreaders, which give them additional height, so they shouldn't be used in PCs where massive CPU coolers are also used. They were given to me as a gift, and used only briefly until the socket 1366 motherboard I'm used decided it was only going to use three sticks at a time, so I upgraded. These are being sold altogether.

Price: $60

These prices include shipping, and I'm shipping only to the US. Payments accepted through Paypal only. PM if you're interested.
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  1. Do you still have the GTX 570 for sale?
  2. And the award for the latest Necromancer goes to...
  3. hey you never no maybe its laying around his house
  4. Who knows maybe you´ll have some luck, but keep in mind the post has way more than a year, better look one of these if you aren't looking for exactly a 570

    PS: Good luck
  5. I am selling one! Check my forum post! Am I allowed to link it on his thread? I'm not sure that is a good idea, So please remove it if its bad! Thank you so much in advance!
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