Wheres all the romantic rap songs?

Im still waiting....
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  1. I think vanilla ice had a love song that tanked
  2. A word to ya mudder, VI aint nuttin but a rich rat
  3. Mike Tyson's classic romantic rap ballad, "If I could rearrange the alphabet, I'd put U and I together," was one of my favs.

    Tyson's classic romatic rap tune "Wombshifter" was a great romantic rap classic follow-up to his earlier work.

    Hey, bitin' 'yer ear off, get off, show off, I be, U pee, losin' your ear, don't fear, look in the mirror, I ain't hear, you ain't hear, so who do 'ya hear, pidgeon widgen yo.
  4. Have you heard Rocketeer by Far East Movement? It's more pop-rap but it's a pretty catchy song.
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