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Hi i'm new at this building the computer stuff and its starting to get at me... theres so freak'n much you have to know so i'm offering a easy 5 dollar reward to your paypal account for whomever gives me the best info on which mother board and processor (AMD or P4) i should go with.. i want a bad ACE gaming comp and i want the processor and motherboard to equal under 225. If you give me the best 2 that go together the best i'll just send ya some money for your knowledge.. And i need to know if AMD is better than P4...
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  1. Get a P4 2.6 with an asus P4P-800. Then buy some good memory and overclock!!!!
  2. Get an AMD Barton 2500+ and an Abit NF7-S (or the version you prefer - but needs to support FSB of 200). Those two can be gotten for your budget. But you need good ram @ pc3200. Raise the FSB of the CPU through the mobo and, wala, you've got 3200+ cpu that's a super gamer for cheap.

    PS. Send my $5 to Toys for Tots

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  3. For your budget, AMD is the way to go.

    I recommend ABIT NF7-S v2.0

    If you overclock, then buy AXP 2500+. If you don't, then buy AXP 2700+.

    And don't forget to buy good quality DDR400 RAM

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