Confused on mass effect 2

this is my first bioware game..and my first time playing the mass effect series..

im a little confused, maybe you guys that have plauyed the game or are familiar with it can help me..

during the first several missions, I met up with an old friend? gerris was it?
helped him get out..

does this game spend the first several levels with sheperd gathering his "team"?
seems so..
is that why he flys to different planets?

also, there doesnt seem to be an order here as far as missions go, as i can just click on one under codex, whether it be primary or secondary?

any info would be great.

this game is almost as fun if not as fun as crysis! im just confused as it seems the games story, while being solid, is a little confusing

thanks for any info!
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  1. Hi, playing ME2 (Mass effect 2) without playing the first will be a bit confusing especially when it comes to the story line, but bear in mind that you don't need to have played ME1 to have good fun.
    You meet up with your friend Garrus :) in Omega I think. Tiny *SPOILER* during the first couple of missions you build half of your team, then you do some critical missions then you get the rest. I must admit it's a bit annoying go from planet to planet and bla bla bla, but there are advantages. Can't go into to too much detail as it will spoil the game. Happy gaming.
  2. I just finished Mass Effect 2. Fantastic game. After a short break I'm going to start a new game.

    I hadn't played Mass Effect, and I "feel" you. The best suggestion is just to play it. If you're enjoying it as much as I did, you will be able to get everything "right" the second time around. The beauty of the game is that YOU decide when to play mission/sided missions. Depending on the choices you make it change the storyline and game. I had been a hardcore FPS player, but I have played both Dragon Age and Mass Effect 2. I was getting annoyed at how short the single player campaign have gotten, and feeling cheated. Bioware has a new fan.

    You won't be playing the same game as everyone else. Everyone will experience their own unique game.

    I recommend you save often, and if you make choices that you aren't happy with, you can just have a "do over" as many times as you like. You can replay as the saint, and then as the hardass. Male, then Female. Each offers great entertainment.

    I finished the game as a 22nd level Sentinel, game time was 30 hrs, 37 min. I was able to do a very convincing self portrait. With the exception of the voice, the cutscenes were a little unnerving at times, especially at night in a darkened room.

    Love this game.

    Thinking about getting Mass Effect, it's half the price.
  3. in the first part of the game all you are doing is collecting your crew and babysitting them, some of the side missions are boring, but it's a game, and a pretty good one, although I think the last installment has already been given away now, but we'll see where it takes us
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