Where to get UnrealED? I want to hack HPCS!

Everywhere I look, and every time someone asks... 'DUH, LOOK IN THE DIRECTORY, DUH!', I don't have Unreal tournament, I want to hack games based on Unreal's engine (.utx files and so on), I've only found texture extractors (What in the hell is the point of extracting when you can't modify?), and I want someone to please, please, for the love of God, upload UnrealEd
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    the Unreal design kit is purchaseable UDK 2009
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  3. number13 said:
    the Unreal design kit is purchaseable UDK 2009

    Yeah, but is this for hacking... or making a brand new game?
  4. As far as I know hack/modify/new, it should be able to do it all
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