Anyone fancy a non-ladder yardsale?

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Now the new ladder's started, does anyone fancy an opportunity to dump
their accumulated non-ladder stuff?
I know I do ;)
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    Well I have some chars and stuff I want to keep, and I fancy getting
    rid of an account or two completely, so I figure, yardsale *g*
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    Personally, I really want:

    Thundergod's Vigor
    War Travellers
    Doom - polearm

    Enigma (hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha)

    *Darkscream sc USWest
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    <> wrote in message
    > Personally, I really want:
    > Thundergod's Vigor

    What's your account name, I have at least a half dozen of these, and I find
    and don't pick them up quite a bit to boot.

    > *Darkscream sc USWest
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    US West, SC


    I'm caught without my disks for a week or so, but a friend should be on
    these accounts from time to time. Feel free to email me to set up a
    meeting time.
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