Made a new rig, was fine then suddenly BSOD constantly

Hmmm symptoms? nothing at first, windows 64 bit installed fine, programs installed fine, updates installing fine.

2 weeks later

then memory buffer BSOD, was playing SC2 at the time. was fine for a bit,

checkdisk ran after a crash and found errors and fixed it, ive recently tried sfc /scannow and it fails or crashes BSOD. windows update has also stopped working, it wouldnt let me update window 7 or it BSOD on me.

cant do alot of things now, run system checks, firefox will crash then windows will crash, crashes memory buffer , non fault page and exceptional something BSOD so far

Was wondering if any1 else having similiar issues
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  1. How old is your hard drive ? Finding and fixing errors is a good sign it's bad and the repair may not have really helped.
  2. hard drive was bought new as a long with all the parts im doing a scan disk as we speak, its taking ages

    it was one of those on special hardrives for sale tho, dunno how long its been sitting in there warehouse
  3. an update from current events, new rig hardrive BSOD still so i ran CHKDSK with no problems whatsoever until the windows boot that came after that found the configuration data is corrupt and now windows wont boot.

    To check, ive decided to pull out my old hard drive from my old rig and put it into my new, update all the drivers and install software/games and run it like i usually would, if it still fails i know it aint the hardrive and must be RAM, software or hardware installation. if it doesnt BSOD then i reckon it would be the hard drive
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