XFX FX-797A-TDBC Radeon HD 7970 Black Edition Video Card

Owned it for about a week. Excellent out of the box performer. GPU voltage is locked on this latest V3.1 edition so not exactly what I want as I love to tinker and am an overclocking junkie. Since tiger will not take it back (wife filed the mail in rebate... and accidentally sent it to corsair lol) I will just sell it here or toss it to the ebay gods.

Again card is a week old. Have all original packaging, even the aluminum black edition piece is still new in the pouch. So if you want a really slick black edition 7970 that runs stock at 1000 / 1425 and overclocks perfectly with no voltage increases to 1100 / 1700 stable, then this is your card! It is virtually brand new!

$390 Shipped priority mail
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