Computer freezes during Boot, and during Windows 7 Install.

Hi I when I went over to my desktop after getting up this morning I found that it didn't react to me moving the mouse, and the screen stayed black even when I turned it on. I turned it off, then back on. It froze during the windows boot screen (black screen + logo ) It kept doing that. Tried System Restore, it froze during that too.

On Windows 7 install it freezes during the Expanding phase at random points.

What I've tried:
Installing on another harddrive. (same result)
Chkdsk (not /r the short version, will have to make a boot cd to do that)
Windows Restore Memory Diagnostic (no Errors)
Memtest86 Bootdisk No errors or ECC errs for 40 minutes (will run this again for longer if needed)
BIOS reset it to "optimal factory settings"

I would greatly appreciate any help in this matter, and hope with you're help I'll be able to fix this.

(thought I'd also mention that during the crash there were no big programs running other than Chrome (with alot of tabs though) and the computer had been running stable and not rebooted for 9 days.)
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  1. A very similar thread to this turned out to be an overheating CPU. That would explain random freezes/reboots when under load. Check your CPU fan, and monitor its temperature.
  2. Thank you for the quick reply!
    I actually had a problem with my CPU overheating 3 weeks back, so bought a Coolermaster huge thing with 2 fans and pipes etc. Also being paranoid about that it was actually one of the first things I checked, just after a reboot it was at 45 Celcius. Whereas weeks prior the spontanious reboots happened around 90 celcius.

    Also, the memtest86 has been running for 36 minutes now Pass 57% Test 75% Test #8 Errors 0 ECC Errs Blank

    I might still have my CPU underclock from the overheating problems a few weeks back, I'll go back into the BIOS and reset it to factory settings.
  3. I just removed 3 of my 2gb RAM and my second harddrive, just to make it barebones. And attempted to run another install, this time I got an interesting Error from the Boot manager:

    Windows Boot Manager

    Windows has bla bla bla bla bla unplug usb, hardrive or cd rom is failing bla bla

    Status: 0xc00000e9

    Info: An unexpected I/O error has occured.

    Will attempt to continue (ENTER) then failing that I'll remove all USB connections and go into my attic to get Keyboards from pre WWII with those funny round connectors.
  4. After removing the RAM sticks, and the scond harddrive, (and rebooting cause it froze on the Error I mentioned) I was able to install 100% and just now made my Name and Login password. Everything seems to be working so far. I guess it must be one of the RAM sticks, AGAIN even though I returned the old ones, and got 4 new ones several weeks ago.

    I also read something about (googled windows freeze install expanding files) newer computers with alot of RAM etc froze more and someone fixing it by removing "excessive" things while installing.

    I will test run the computer on 2gb ram (the HORROR!) for a while then put in 1 and 1 stick to see if theres any diffrence. Might also use memtest86 when I have the time.
  5. The drivers are a major cause of Windows 7 freezing. Even though the devices would be compatible there may be some driver conflicts which lead to screen freezing in a Windows7 PC. Moreover, the drivers may not be updated. To check on the right drivers and updates manufacturer’s website can be referred. Screen freezing can also occur if the Windows registry files are not organized and have flaws. To resolve it perform a cleaning on the system. Even applications like ncleaner can be used to clean the registry.
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