For those of you that finished ME2

what are your takes on the ellusive man, did you lose the other team in the final stages, are you playing the game after the ending and finishing the side missions and upgrading the ship, hardware, weapons, abilities, I thought it sucked that I lost Jack and most of my team when I went through the mass relay and my Justicar in the last fight
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  1. Didn't like the story that much. Game play and interface was loads better than the first but the story was weak. The illusive man was kind of annoying. someone trying to exert power over shepherd that he didn't really have. As for my crew, the only one I lost was Mordin because I choose him for the solo mission of opening the doors. Other than that, All others survived. O, I also lost the crew psychiatrist (forget her name).
  2. replayed the game and only lost Jack
  3. Its possible to not lose anyone. Gotta upgrade everything and then choose wisely at the end.
  4. I would guess at least one person would die - just to make the game more dramatic. I also found it odd that while I did Jack's loyalty quest, I didn't gain her loyalty. Probably because I sided with Miranda when they were fighting. I was surprised that she stuck it out in the end. I wonder what would happen if I let her lead one of the teams since she wasn't loyal.
  5. I completed all the side missions I could find and upgraded the ship to the max, story needed to be longer ao side missions that reward better, took out the Blood Packs relay station and NO reward, HUH, I agree the best I can do is one team member die, really didn't care for Jack anyway, I agree, the storyline was pretty weak, how long before 3 is out
  6. Hm, all tech has to be upgraded and everything, but you also need to select the right team members at the end for everyone to live. The steam forums have a good thread on accomplishing this. And yes, you can complete the loyalty mission and the character still may not be loyal to you. You have to do what they want, and pass the mission positively for them to be loyal.

    My first play through 2 people died, i re-loaded the game and tried different squads and no one died that time.
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