WTS/WTT 2500k, asrock pro4, sapphire 7850, case, psu

I'm trying to sell my partial system as a whole or parting out. I'm keeping the hdds and RAM. I'm just upping my system to get ready for watercooling. I'm looking for $550 (negotiable) or trading for 7970/7950, 3570k and/or extreme4.

Here are my parts that were bought less than a month ago (never oc):

- i5 2500k (comes with box and unused stock heatsink) - $175 shipped

- hyper 212 plus CPU cooler - $15 shipped

- asrock z77 pro4 mobo - $90 shipped

- sapphire radeon HD 7850 oc edition - $185 shipped

- antec 300 (comes with an extra blue LED fan along with the stock 120mm and 140mm fans, USB cable extension, and an audio cable extension) - $50 with everything, $40 stock (will only ship if bought with something else)

- OCZ 600w fully modular power supply $40 shipped

I have no power due to hurricane isaac (on mobile), so as soon as I get it back I'll post some pics.
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