Star Trek Online Toms Players?

Sooo anyone is playing this thing?

I'm on there as theholylancer@theholylancer if I get that right, and I'm going the full tactical route (defiant ftw lol)

but I do want to get a sovvie, if not just for the show but maybe try a full arc dps thing (instead of the head on approach with the tac ships)

You guys?
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  1. I was so mad when i saw that you gotta pay for the game, and then monthly sad......
  2. lol imo that's good, keeps out the 10 year olds that don't have a cc and don't have parent supervision (or keep most of them out anyways)

    And I seriously hope they develop it further and like wow to have new content all the time, which imo would be better.
  3. dont waste your time.

    This game is NOT worth upgrading for, it is a plain piece of garbage, very, very unfinished garbage at that. Read the boards folks, heed the warnings, if you are a star trek fan you need not apply, simply dl the star trek pew pew sounds and get them out of your system, and the graphics are not that good. If you are a disbeliever, if you feel the need to be punished then fork over the money, it will be a lesson for you.
  4. kinda getting that feel after lit 8... it's grindy and they make it actiony by having you pressing buttons repeatedly...
  5. I'm enjoying it so far - it has some bugginess to work out, but then what game these days doesn't? I am admittedly a Star Trek fan, so perhaps that colors the experience for me, but on the whole I am liking it so far. I'm a PvE type generally, so open-ended exploration works for me. Dyanara@guruofchem if anyone is interested, and about to pop to Commander...
  6. I dunno, maybe my years of wow experience has marred my expectations for STO, I know it is a new game, but after about 4 years of wow, and about a year of end game progression 25 man raiding puts my expectation of what is in a game high

    Wonder what happens when you hit the end game for STO, since cryptic isn't known for their epic end game stuff, and other than fly around in a sovvie I don't know what else is there at that stage since the borg thing is 5 man.
  7. It was a waste of 50 bucks imho. I played Eve for 3 years, and now Fallen Earth since it went live in Sept 2009. Both are far superior to this game. This game is aimed at the Xbox crowd and isn't a serious MMO.
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