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Random FPS drops in games. It runs very smoothly and suddenly drops to about 1-2 fps. The wierd thing is that this happens to Flash players as well, for ex. if i am watching a video on youtube, the fps there also suddenly drops. At these times, the RAM goes to 100%. I just have to wait for a few seconds, and the computer is running smoothly again!!.. I have formatted a couple of times and have tried Win Xp/Vista and 7. But the problem persists. I have also checked for programs that might be running in the background and its not a prob. PLZ HELP!! Its getting really frustratiting.
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  1. Full PC specs.
  2. Hi,

    Here is what i Have

    AMD Athlon64 X2 Dual Core 3600+
    ASUS M2V-TVM Motherboard
    Nvidia Geforce 512 8600GT
    500GB/16mb Cache WD SATA HDD
    Corsair 2.00 GB DDR2 RAM
    Windows 7 Ultimate X86

    Does this help?

    I actually had a Seagate 200GB/8MB CACHE SATA HDD before. I thought the problem was due to overheating of the harddrive (It was pretty old). I changed it to the one mentioned above. The problem still exists. :(.
  3. One more Update - SiSoftware Sandra tells that my Fan speed is 12 rpm (wierD). Rivatuner does not give the speed but the duty cycle is 100%. Do i narrow it down to a prob with the GPU overheating?
  4. If you're worried about your temps—not unreasonable—download RealTemp to check your system's levels.
  5. I actually checked every component in my system one by one using spares that i borrowed from friends. Graphics Card, Ram, Hard Drive works perfectly in other computers. Also, If i add any of friend's cards, Ram , Hard drive.. The problem comes back. So i am assuming the problem is with either the motherboard or the processor.

    After googling a lot, i found out that the ASUS motherboards generally have this problem, No freaking idea why..

    Thanks for the help anyways.. Appreciate it!!
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