my comp,got a virus please help

I got infected with this B.S. virus like few days ago its all my fault tho. I downloaded the serial for the game F1 challenge 99-02 wich I own. and it had this exe file included with it wich for some odd reason I clicked on right away. and since than my computer has been infected.
I would delate the virus for a while with McAfee Stinger but than it comes back again I tryed several Ant-Virus programs like the umbrella one wich is free the Kaspersky but no use..I formated my drive once and it came back again after that I delated everything by writing 0's to my hard drive I only got done about 51% I could not wait an other 4 hours to finish it tho .reinstalled windows xp and as soon as I do win updates it comes back and slows everything down and Im on 56k.

this is the Stinger report:

C:\WINDOWS\system32\11588_up.exe has been deleted
Found the W32/Sdbot.worm.gen.j virus !!!
C:\WINDOWS\system32\bling.exe has been deleted

how do I get rid of this bullshit.? Im tired of trying to figure it out myself after several windows reinstalls.
any help would be nice.
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  1. wierd you formatted and a virus is still there didnt think that was possible... are there mulitiple drives on the comp maybe a worm and it is running around. on other drives other than that if you format y wouldnt it be gone?
  2. yeah I thought that too if I format everything gets completely erased,
    but as I know now thats not true it does not erase completely can still recover data after you format.
    anyway I ran KillDisk - Hard Drive Eraser the free version about 3 times wich took about 12 hours to do, and it is recomanded you run it 99 times just to make sure.
    after I got windows installed again and Im not sure how but my computer was still infected it would stop responding for a min when installing motherboard drivers than resume very slowly than the picture on my screen would kinder wander of from where it should be than the picture would complitly get blue yelow.when I restart, when windows is loading the little 3 square's would get complitly out of its track to the right wich was strange by the way to explain it little better thats the square's that goes from left to right about 5 times on my system when booting up windows.
    anyway after that I got tired of it,so I opend up my hard drive just to play around with it befor I kill it for real. pluged it in watched it spin for a while then I pressed on one of the seekers or whatever it is and it made deep scratch on the platter and that was it I got rid of that hard drive and bought a new one at comp usa Western Digital 80 Gig 8 MB cache wich is pretty much the same as my old one exept it was Segate.
    thanx for your reply tho and trying to help.

    the Virus is back!!!
    W32/Korgo.worm says now.
    well I guess I know for sure how I get it now.
    I had a feeling about downloading the worm again as I was writing that above but was not 100 % sure cuz the interenet slowed so much and I was hoping it was just windows update.what hepens is as soon as I go online It starts downloading and I dont know how to stop it.I got no firewall or any virus programs I lost it all on my old hard drive and I cant download nothing of the net cuz the vorm gets loaded Im just gonna change my internet account so I dont get no more updates of this b.s. worm.<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by MHA57 on 10/02/04 09:01 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
  3. Do a low level format, to remobe it from the boot sector.

    Try everything...
    Do not be afraid of failure, for this is how we learn and grow...
    Live life to the fullest...
    Do not regret what you have not yet done!!!
  4. ok thats not the problem delating the worm, I got the worm of my hard drive best I possibly could do, by geting a tottaly different brand new hard drive.
    but the fact is I got windows installed on the brand new hard drive I just bought and as soon as I conected to the internet, stared downloading motherboard drivers at pretty fast speed for 56k and than 5 min later the internet slowed down so much it takes me 5 min to open a webpage.right away I downloaded the McAfee Stinger wich is little over 800 kbps took me 15 min to download it.I scanned my system and guess what my computer is infected.

    does anybody knows why Im geting it cuz they got my IP address.or somthing else? I did call my ISP wich is att and the Agent told me that my IP address changess everytime I conect to the internet.why do I get it than?
  5. wow dynamic ip i want that. newayz dude if you got money to just go buy new hd's especially at comp usa rofl then its called a router. invest in a router it will get you to your dl's i reccomend linksys cuz they seem to work really well and are pretty user friendly
  6. First off, download your updates needed on another computer ahead of time.
    Usually, you are not targeted with a dialup connect, but who knows, get a $40 hw router.
    Then install windoZe and drivers, then firewall and antivirus software.
    Sounds virtually impossible to get a virus installing windoze and dialup connect to a safe site to get your updates thou...

    Sounds like your hosed...

    Try everything...
    Do not be afraid of failure, for this is how we learn and grow...
    Live life to the fullest...
    Do not regret what you have not yet done!!!
  7. this is MHA57... just wanna say that I dont have the problem no more.
    I had to register again since I forgot my password and cant check my mail no more cuz I got my ISP account closed.
    anyway the good thing is I dont get the worm update no more since I got the new account.

    "wow dynamic ip" I dont think I had that, some stupid customer service agent told me so, I asked different agent and he did not say that my IP changes every time I conect, I only had one.
    having said that ,my ISP customer service sucks, wich is att, its kinder like the rest you call and you wonder how many times do they have to change the options menu,than you cant get no person on the line its like almost impossible than half hour later I got someone from india.wich is cool exept that I get confused at first when they start talking cuz for a moment Im not sure if I got a reall person on the line or just the stupid recording.
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