Ok im wondering if im the only one having this problem. When I start Modern Warfare 2 on my PC, it goes on to the traditional menu screen but it freezes/ lags out for like 2 min . Then i can move the arrow again and play and so on. Im wondering why is that happening. This happens everysingle time i start it.
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  1. I see a little lag everytime I start MW2 as the game synchs up with steam, your friends list etc. Think it is a normal thing. . although mine is only a few seconds.
  2. wow, ok , thanks hey but now i seem to have real problems. When i start steam it says connecting to steam account: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. and then it stays like that. nothing happens. it doesnt finish. I can start steam in offline mode, but when i launch Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, it says Finishing installation 0%. then like a min after says that game failed to install. Just when are problems with steam going to stop happening to me!!!!!! I cant play COD6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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