Reason I am selling is because I am looking to built a low power htpc with an i3 chip.
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  1. One of the fastest CPUs available for the LGA775 socket.

    I am the original owner. Never overclocked. Under hyper 212 cooler, so it never overheated!

    Less than a year old!! Paid over $350 dollars for it new!!

    I am selling for $210

    Four cores running at 3GHZ with 12mb L2 cache.

    I am selling mine

    Save lots of money, buy from me to upgrade your system!

    Will trade for i3 and 1155 motherboard combo.

  2. Is there a price?
  3. Whoa sorry about that! $210.
  4. Sent you PM
  5. PMed you back!!
  6. ecantu said:
    PMed you back!!

    Reply sent
  7. Replied
  8. Paid, details PM'ed.
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