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FS Desktop - i7 2600k, GTX 560 Ti, HAF X, Antec 1200W

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September 6, 2012 11:46:15 PM


By yph at 2012-09-06

By yph at 2012-09-06

By yph at 2012-09-06

By yph at 2012-09-06

CPU: Intel i7 2600k
Video card: GTX 560 Ti
PSU: Antec 1200W
Ram: Corsair Vengeance
HDD: 500GB 7200rpm
Case: Cooler Master HAF X
Blu-ray reader 6x

The computer used to run GTX 580 in SLI, but I parted them and now I am using a single 560 Ti. Originally I was anticipating for GTX 680 to come out. After trying just a single 560 Ti, I think I really went over board with the last setup (for my needs).

Currently the computer runs smooth and quiet, and it handles all my games @ 1080p (battlefield 3, crysis 2, diablo3). If there is a need, you can add another GTX 560 Ti for SLI, or even do 3-way SLI/crossfire with other cards with no worry of the power supply and case spaces. HAF X really is a nice high flow case as you could expect from a top of the line product, and Antec 1200W never sweated on power supply.

Never overclocked and fan filters are cleaned regularly. I am looking for a trade with a laptop as well. I am looking mainly at MSI and SAGER/Clevo, running GTX 485m, 570m and up - barebones are ok too ! :) 

This is in Montreal, QC, Canada. I don't have feedback on this forum, but other forums yes. I could provide my personal info and we could talk on the phone about it. Really looking to sell as I am not using this as much as I would love to.

Need this gone for 1100$ USD or obo - we can work out shipping ! Thanks for looking :D 

More about : desktop 2600k gtx 560 haf antec 1200w

September 8, 2012 8:43:04 PM

im in montreal too !
if you interested in parting out Im looking for a great i7 and a mobo, pst me if interested
September 9, 2012 4:30:13 AM

I am trying to sell the whole thing, not looking to part at the moment..
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September 18, 2012 1:57:31 AM

October 15, 2012 12:46:52 AM

Bump still available
October 17, 2012 3:54:11 PM

Interesting in parting now?
October 17, 2012 5:46:09 PM

I have a feeling your asking for too much :( 
October 17, 2012 5:49:48 PM

Ya I guess people are more interested in parts.. ok let me know what you need and il make a list and see if it'a feasible for me!
October 17, 2012 5:51:13 PM

Please send by pm :) 
October 17, 2012 5:57:26 PM

ksu90 said:
I have a feeling your asking for too much :( 

I'll consider offers, since there is a laptop that I would want to get now.

October 18, 2012 3:07:56 AM

If I were you, I think I would lower price down to $700ish. You could also have put prices for individual parts your selling and if you like the offers just snag them. Craigslist seems to be a good place too since your dealing locally, and dont have any fees associated with it whatsover.
October 18, 2012 3:47:05 AM

Yep, seeing how it's not moving as a whole I'll be preparing the individual price of the part out!
October 22, 2012 7:51:05 AM

price for haf x?
October 22, 2012 1:04:01 PM

What's the mobo inside? Interested in the CPU, RAM, mobo
October 31, 2012 5:19:39 AM

I don't know why I didn't get a notification from this site. Sorry for the late replies!

I will try to sell it as a whole now for 950. Can contact me for more pictures and questions.

Lowered to 950!
November 4, 2012 4:33:25 AM

Motherboard: EVGA Z68 FTW edition
Sell for 180

Power: Antec 1200W
Sell for 180

CPU: Intel i7 2600k
Sell for 220

Video card: EVGA GTX 560 Ti 1GB
Sell for 140

Ram: Corsaid Vengeance 2x4GB
Sell for 20

HDD: 500GB 7200rpm
sell for 40

Case: Cooler Master HAF X
Sell for 140

Blu-ray reader 6x (Not a burner)
Sell for 30

Or the whole thing for 850 :sol: 

Prices are in USD, and shipping is not included. I can work something with you if you are interested.

All are OBO - I am looking forward to move them!

Paypal only!
November 5, 2012 9:37:31 PM

le bump
November 6, 2012 2:41:13 AM

$180 at your i7 2600k
November 6, 2012 2:51:25 AM

Don't you dare take my i7 2600k!
November 8, 2012 3:28:19 AM

ram is reserved! rest still available
November 10, 2012 4:02:56 AM

CPU still available? Whats current offer?
November 11, 2012 5:36:57 AM

Hi, the current offer on CPU is the person also grabbing my HDD and RAM. They are reserved until Tuesday.
November 13, 2012 5:26:04 AM

just an update:

CPU RAM HDD and video card are pending.

rest are still up for grabs :) 
November 15, 2012 10:29:45 PM

CPU RAM HDD GTX560Ti are soooold!

I found another HDD which his a Caviar Black 640gb. I'll let it go for 60$.

Up for grabs!
November 16, 2012 3:00:45 AM

Too funny. I just now saw this post. Would have bought the whole thing - would have been exactly what I neede. Oh well, will keep looking.
November 16, 2012 3:03:21 AM

Not interested in building with the rest of parts :) ?
November 16, 2012 3:36:52 AM

Heh... No. Been 15+ years since I built a PC. I don't trust myself anymore. I am not up on what's current. Looking for a PC to run FSX well, preferably one that has MS Office, Adobe, etc. on it. I wish you the best selling the rest of your parts!
November 18, 2012 11:27:09 AM

morning bump
November 23, 2012 5:27:34 PM

Le bump
November 30, 2012 7:09:31 PM

to the top
December 3, 2012 4:17:18 PM

ha, saw this same one on ebay a week ago
December 3, 2012 5:47:07 PM

sounds like it'll have to be ebay for me too heh
December 17, 2012 6:21:08 PM

du bump
December 25, 2012 10:19:54 PM

bump too up