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Toshiba Portege R835-P56X Ultraportable
Purchased this in November of 2011. Has some slight cosmetic damage on the lid and the battery near the monitor bezel base - dirt in my laptop bag somehow managed to get in between and just imprinted the soft plastic. The screen has a few bright spots that only show up on a white screen and is a little dirty from some smudges, but I will clean the screen prior to shipment.

OS was installed using an upgrade disc (which originally accepted my product key but does not anymore), so I will ship with a non-activated installation of W7 64bit.

I did make some hardware changes, so here are the specs/changes:
CPU - i5-2410M @ 2.3GHz (dual core + hyperthreading)
GPU - Intel HD 3000
Screen Size - 13" @ 1366x768
HDD - 320GB Samsung M8 (replaced the original 640GB with an SSD that was eventually removed)
RAM - 2x4GB @ 1333 MHz (replaced the original 2x2GB 1333 MHz kit; G.Skill brand I believe)
Weight - ~2.5 lbs
Battery - 6-8 hours with Wifi On

PENDING TRADE OFFER - $400 OBO shipped or partial trade for Nexus 7 16GB

Recently decided to break down my gaming PC (in signature) as I don't do as much hardcore gaming or coding any more. I'm also dropping the watercooling stuff since I will be going the ITX route.
I will list as much info as I can, and will do my best to photograph as needed - I will have too many pictures to post, so please ask if you need.

Gigabyte P67A-UD4-B3
Not much to say about this board. Bought it NIB off AnandTech a while back and never switched boards. Runs great, OCs well based on reviews, and has a good expansion slot layout even with SLI/XFire GPUs.

Comes with the Mobo, I/O shield only. No original box. Can throw in an Asus PCE-N15 300 Mbps b/g/n wireless adapter for an extra $5.
$75 shipped, $80 shipped w/PCE-N15

Corsair TX950 PSU
Bought this PSU new several years ago (think X58/LGA 1366) to power a tri-SLI setup initially. No real need for it since I will be going with a much lower power setup.

Unit does have sporadic coil whine - mine would whine sometimes under load, but it also depended on the game. Never had power issues with it, though in my chassis it was bending the mobo power connector (on the board) and loosing contact, leading to random shut downs. The unit is not faulty to the best of my knowledge, and should still be under Corsair's 5 year warranty (can dig up the invoice and assist if necessary).

Not sure how much PSUs go for these days, so let's start this at $90 shipped OBO and work from there.

Watercooling stuff
Dumping all of my watercooling stuff. You can see it all here in my build log:

All components were run with distilled water + PT Nuke under my care. Items were flushed out when originally received, but have not been since. Never washed with tap water due to the hard water we had in Indiana and now have in Arizona.

List of all the parts and pricing (photos will be available soon once I get around to taking the build apart either today or Thursday). Will be willing to work out combo deals.

3x120mm rad: was told it was a DangerDen Black Ice Xtreme III but I honestly have no idea. Has no branding or markings, but it cools pretty damn well. Has some minor bent fins here and there but nothing major
$40 shipped

HWLabs SR1 120.1 rad: purchased new off the forums, and runs nicely. Has some minor paint flaking on the side since it barely fits in the top part of my RV02 (see log).
$35 shipped

EK Supreme HF Full Copper: Purchased used in great shape. Running with jet plate 1. Have original box and the different mounting kits for AMD and Intel.
$50 shipped

Swiftech MCW 82 White: Purchased new about a year ago for my GTX 560Ti. Runs nicely and the white color is great. Comes with original box, GT400 Rev2 plate and 8800GT plate (for GTX 6XX cards)
$45 shipped

Swiftech MCP 655 Vario: Purchased new about 9 months ago when I needed a pump upgrade. In great shape, runs quietly, and variable adjustment works well. No original box , but do have the stock housing
$60 shipped - no contact from buyer after 2 days; offers welcome

Compression Fittings: Enzotech Matte Black 1/2" ID 3/4" OD with green O-rings. Have 10 installed, but I believe I have 4 more lying around. Paint is coming off of the threads, and some of the paint on some of the fittings is coming off due to extremely tight fitting - thumb rubbed some of it off, and had to use a wrench on one. Can pick and choose if you only need so many.
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  1. how much for the gskill ram?
  2. Sorry, the RAM is not for sale. Reusing it in my rebuild.
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