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I can't get my Wii to connect to my wireless router D-Link DIR-655

It sees it, asks for the password, I put it in, then it tests and and can't connect

Anyone familiar with this issue?

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  1. Did you install the WEP key that is set up in your router? I'm assuming that's the password you're talking about. Also, make sure you

    Here are the steps:

    Go to Options (bottom left on the Wii Menu)
    Select Wii Settings
    Click on the Right arrow (middle of the right side of the screen) to get to the next page
    Select Internet
    Select one of the Connections (e.g. “Connection 1″)
    Select Wireless
    Because I have a hidden SSID, I could not use the default Auto-find. Consequently I have to do the Manual Setup
    Enter the SSID code (aka “the name of the wireless network”)
    Obtain the WEP from your router
    Enter the WEP key

    Nintento even has a good step by step tutorial at http://techforums.nintendo.com/nins/board/message?board.id=ds_wifi&thread.id=7392

    Remember, the Wii can only use WEP or WPA security. If your router is setup differently, then it might not work.
  2. Thanks for the detailed response

    I tried settting this up 3 times before and it kept giving me an error code. (I'm WPA)

    Super Bowl Sunday I gave it another shot, did everything the same, this time it worked.

    Who knows...

    PS: I thought I was pretty good at the Tiger Woods '10 game untill I ran into those boys with over 500 pro matches under their belt. Blew me outta the water!
  3. Good instructions, i would also add the following.

    If it stops working for no apparent reason DONT CHANGE THE SETTINGS. Simply turn off the wii, pull the power out of the wall wait 30 seconds and stick it back in, hey presto it works again. My wii does this every couple of months, not sure why.
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