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NTSC game on "hybrid" PAL screen


I'm close to buying a game from the U.S.A and from what I've understood, it is possible to play NTSC games on PAL computer monitors as it is possible to change the frame rate on computer monitors unlike the tv monitors.

My problem is that i have a "hybrid", a computer monitor as well as a tv with tuners. My monitor is a Samsung syncmaster 2333HD. What I want to know is whether or not I will be able to play the game on my monitor, or if it will have an effect on performance.

BTW I use dvi plug to connect the monitor to my pc.
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    I think you may be getting a little confused. All PC's work o nthe same resolution ratio ie same pixels across the screem and same from top to bottom also. The only thime these figures change are in various monitor sizes

    PAL & NTSC are different picture formats for TV broadcasts and movie release - they do not have any impact on PC games
  2. Sounds good :) So there should no complications at all? And why is it then that sellers notify what format it is, when it doesn't apply on pc's? Just curious.
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