AvP3 Demo is out

It's Deathmath multiplayer only.

It's on PC, Xbox, and PS3.

For PC download the demo off of Steam.
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  1. milos383 ... find me...lets play
  2. I would, but I'm at work and still have to d/l it.

    I also am not sure if my 9500 GT could even run it if I wanted it to, which I do >.<

    I have to play the patience game now and wait for Fermi so ATI's prices drop... or Fermi is worth buying, either way, I don't want to waste money on a new card quite yet.

    I'm definitely going to see if I can play the demo at the crappiest settings though, might work :P

    Gonna d/l it while at the gym tonight, then come home and pwns some biatches on the PC.
  3. I had played MP demo of AvP 2 for at least 3-4 years before they finally shut down the servers. I hope the MP Demo of AvP 3 will be as good.
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