Soyo K7VTA-B + Duron 1.3


Soyo K7VTA-B (chipset: KT133) + Duron 1.3 (Morgan)
Does anybody have or had this mobo+cpu combination?

I tried with latest BIOS but no post, no bips.
This mobo works fine with spitfire and thunderbird.
checked soyo site and it says it supports morgan.

Duron 750@900 | Soyo K7VTA-B | 384MB PC-133 | Quantum Fireball lct20 |
Soltek GeForce4 MX440-8x 64MB DDR 128-bits| W2K/98SE
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  1. i have run into that problem with soyo boards before, thats why i wuit using them, went to msi and aopen, with my preference being aopen, they make a great board for socket a! i just bought one for my wifes puter, it was a ak77-8x-max with 3 ide ports, thats right 3! and 2 serial ata ports! great features and options! im gonna buy one for myself next month:)

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  2. Did you set fj1, fj2, j2 & j3 properly?
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