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My computer won't power up, when I flick the switch the power led lights and the fan spins for about 100ms before it turns off. I haven't changed anything hardware related recently.
I've tried booting w/ just the CPU, no ram / PCI cards etc.

My specs are:
Gigabyte GA7VAXP
AMD Athlon XP 2200
256MB DDR 400

I'm pretty sure it ain't my PSU for several reasons, like the light on the motherboard that indicates its getting power.

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  1. Could still be the power supply. How old is it? Thing is you might not have blown it totally. Any esd (static discharge) recently? Stuff like that rarely acts in a specific way every time. Other than that I'm fresh outa ideas.

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  2. Sounds like part of the power supply has failed. You are getting part of the channels to power up the board but other channels are missing to power the CPU or drives.

    Happens all the time as power supplies have more then one power supply circuit.

    Try another power supply if you buy a new one get a 400 Watt unit minimum.

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  3. I got similar problem also, and was caused by improper HSF installation---no contacted of HSF to cpu die :-P

    Fortunately, the motherboard's CPU overheat protection did work.
  4. i have had that happen twice, once it was the power supply and once it was the mb gounding out, i had a dead cpu once too, but it didnt even turn on the fans for a split second...

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  5. power supply is problem insuficient.

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  6. I have a 7VAXP Ultra-2400+-1024 ddr ram. I moved all the stuff to a new tower and when i boot up everything seems to come on but my monitors never boot up! hmm maybe time for a new board?
  7. Maybe as simple as a reversed IDE cable, try it with the drives disconnected.

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  8. Puters wont boot without ram. Try to get to bios with cpu, ram, power, keyboard, mobo, and video card. Do it out of the case, on a cutting board, and start with case power switch.
  9. had exact same problem (fan spin a second, lights still going to board)... was power supply failure for me.
  10. Nah i tried it out of the case and switch cables. the board makes a few noises and then nothing happens!.....lol ill try to install a new one.

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  11. Sorry I haven't replied sooner, this computer is playing up too, currently running at 640x480, 16 colours.

    Anyway, I'm gunna try a new power supply tomorrow if I can, thanks for your advice. A few things...

    It may not boot without RAM but it should POST and/or beep.
    It's about a year old now.

    Again, thanks for the advice, much appreciated.
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