Modern Warfare 2 HELP!!

When im playing any type of launcher my left button stays stuck on fire so when its done launching my fire button stays stuck, is it the game doing that as a glitch or what, because i had the problem with my g500 mouse as well and just got new mouse the g9x and its still doing it. What do you guys recommend I do in order to fix this, or has anyone encountered this problem before?

Another thing is that when im playing MW2 I end up crashing and does a sound loop it does this sometimes when i have the fan speed at 40 percent or just now i had it at 60 and after hour of gaming game froze my computer completely and i had to reboot. This happens everytime i have to reboot i just cant end it, do you guys think its a driver or my graphics card thats gone bad? I have XFX 4890.
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  1. I'm guessing no one has came across this problem or something? Thats why there are no replies or what lol.
  2. you said stuck, clarify, does the button stay down or the action keep repeating, did you do a default installation, have you changed any of the mouse settings
  3. ....reinstall the game, man.
  4. Yea it stays stuck on fire like once im shooting the predator missile or any sort of missile my fire button stays stuck so it just keeps shooting.. i guess ill try to do a reinstall ill have to download the game all over again or is there an easier way so i wont have to do all that? I got the game threw steam.
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