Splinter Cell:Chaos Theory vs Splinter Cell:Double Agent

which is better for the PC? (obviously)

im planning to buy it on Steam

some say Double Agent was a clumsy console port?

extra information appreciated!
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  2. i will recommend chaos theory over double agent

    as i too hav heared and seen that double agent is a clumsy port to pc
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  5. Double Agent was a bit buggy [Safe Cracking, anyone?], but had its charm. Chaos Theory is more in line with the older Splinter Cell games though. Most people would say Chaos Theory is the better game.
  6. could you give recommendations for the best coop mode for all splinter cell games?
  7. The only one with a coop mode I know of was the Gen6 version (PS2, GC, and Xbox) of Double AGent, although I never tried the multiplayer modes of Pandora Tomorrow/Chaos Theory...
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