Best RAM for IS7 for approx. $140?

$140 is where I would like to limit my RAM expendature (+/- is fine within reason). I would prefer 1GB over 512 if the numbers make sense in cost to performance ratio. Would be running XP Professional. Would like to play games (HL2) and overclocking is a future consideration but primarily it would be for doing minor graphics work and programming.

Approximate Expenses:
RAM: ????????????????
MB: Abit IS7 ~$99
CPU: P4 2.6C 800FSB ~$174 RETAIL w/heatsink & fan
Video Card: Radeon 9500 Pro ~ $180
Case: Aspire X-Alien w/420 W PS ~$79
Total As-Is = $532 + shipping
Budget WAS $650
$140 on RAM puts me $22 over budget which is fine.

Please offer best suggestions and I greatly appreciate your advice.
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  1. I just ordered two 256MB/3200 sticks from Crucial $45 each which got me into 97w/tax shipped. Have 512MB of RAM and can do dual channel. Chippest and kind of fastest way could find. Newegg has those chips for 52 bucks, which is almost the same, except I am dealing straight with Crucial, which gives some extra 'security'.

    ..this is very useful and helpful place for information...
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