Crysis warhead does not work with forceware 196

Recently, I updated my Nvidia graphics drivers to version 196.21. After the update, however, I was unable to play Crysis Warhead. The executable will run and the level will load without any problems. After about 40 seconds, the screen image will disappear and reappear at the windows desktop. Windows then displays an error message which states, "Display driver nvlddmkm.dll stopped responding and has recovered." An error message then appears which states, "Crysis Warhead has stopped working." I tried reinstalling the driver, yet the problem persists.

The game ran without any issues before the driver update, and no other game has any difficulty running correctly. Even Crysis Wars runs properly.

What could the problem be? Do you think that I should revert to the old forceware 195? Or does the problem lie within Crysis Warhead?

I thank you greatly for your help.
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    Maybe you should go back to 195.62 since the 196.21 version has got some major problems(like not allowing to overclock).Its unlikely that the problem is with Warhead.
  2. Have you tried the 196.34 driver yet?
  3. I tried 196.34, but the same problem was present. I have now reverted to 195.62 and am waiting for Nvidia to fix the 196.75 drivers before I try them.

    Thanks for your help.
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