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I just reinstalled CoD4 after I I installed Win7 Ultimate 32, clean install, now I have 2 issues in single player, 1. no sound in the opening screen, the Infinity Ward and all the way until they tell you to pick up a weapon from the table and shoot downrange, then after I finish the QCB test it has a error, it can't save my profile, hunk something cannot be created, have unistalled the game and installed it NOT in the program files, disabled the realtech panel detection and uninstalled PB, any ideas
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  1. update sound drivers, video drivers, reinstall game and patch it to the latest version
  2. yea updated all the drivers and mobo BIOS already, is there a specific patch that addresses Win7, have looked at the patches so far as I can see none of them are for Win7 issues
  3. try installing the patches anyways. I would not be surprised if they solve the issue
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