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I have a save state where I am stuck because i have a small level of radiation that is taking my health away and i have no vodka only bandages and it wont stop and i am far from the beginning part of game with traders etc. so what can i do?
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  1. Well....

    You can heal yourself with your bandages a little, use medkits when your health gets pretty low. Eat food to keep your health up. Also, Army & Scientific medkits reduce radiation.

    Pretty much, do all those things while running back to a trader. Sometimes random stalkers will have vodka you can trade for, too. Also, some artifacts reduce radiation, see if you have one of those.

    Other than that, reload a save from awhile ago. In stalker, it's a pretty good idea to keep two relatively up-to-date saves (alternate saving to two save files) as stalker is pretty unforgiving.
  2. personally i used sequential number saves, so that i keep all of them, the only time it hurt me was with the 25Mb deux ex save files, back in the days of 40Gb hdd's
  3. Use cheats? God mode?

    You can download a Trainer which will more than likely include a god mode option just to get out of that hotspot.

    Or download "Stalker Actor Modifier" there is an option to reduce the damage you take to 0.

    If you can get out of it on your own, I wouldn't think you'd be asking. Best bet is godmode it and re-save when your safe and make a few more saves from now on to be safe. Always a good idea.

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