For Sale: Core I7 965 Extreme 3.2Ghz Custom Pc /W 3D Monitor +Acce....

I need to sell this monster for college. i dont want to be carrying a 43 pound pc everwhere i go. this computer was built around the beginning of september of 2011. i have constantly upgraded it since.



the computer specs are as follows

Cooler Master Storm Scout

Intel Core I7 965 Extreme @3.3GHz Socket LGA 1366

EVGA X58 Classefied 3-Way SLI

Zotac Geforce GTX 570 AMP! Edition

Zotac GTX 550ti

Sony Optaric OEM DVD Multi Drive

16GB DDR3 1333 MHz Team Elite And Corsair XMS-3
TI Theater 550 Pro Tv Tuner

Scythe Kaze Master Pro 6 fan Controller

Corsair Hydro H40 Liquid Cooling

Windows 7 Ultimate x64

1TB Western Digital Caviar Green 7200RPM

250GB Hitachi 7200RPM

Cooler Master Case Fan With Expansion Slot Fan Controller

OCZ ModXStream Pro 600W PSU With DUAL +12v Rails @ 25A Each

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  1. forgot the is the beast,kLAtU,j2SWh,zJj85,Jx2I6,6t6aW all pictures are in this link. just lick on next picture
  2. /Bump
  3. Should probably go down a bit lower to see success. Sorry to say man.

    I'm curious that your temps at 57c at stock. That seems a bit high, no?
  4. yeahhh my room is an oven. and these temps were taken when i had my broken lq cooler on. now i have the stock fan waiting for a replacement cooler
  5. well i just checked. it the same....not sure if its the room or the damn case that keeps it like that........the way the air flow is in this case is horrible. i was thinking if i dont get to sell this i was going to do a whole remake.....i was gonna get a corsiar obsidian 800D and get a custom liquid cooling set up
  6. I'd shoot for that. The first gen i7's are past their prime and only the non-EE models really get passed around for around $110~. The i7-965 has the unfortunate position of being the first round of extreme edition processors of the first gen family and not really belonging there with Intel's release of a whole slew of 1366 processors after it. It doesn't have the 6/12 and L3 cache of the i7-970, 980+, and those were cheaper than the 965 was. :\

    Still a very capable processor and awesome at gaming at the very LEAST. Stick with it, it's going to be hard to get rid of her :P
  7. I don't think you should sell it. College is a great place for a powerful gaming rig! Just leave it sitting in your dorm room--you don't have to lug it anywhere. And if it's just the i7-965 and single GTX 570, you'll only get $600 or so for this rig, so it's not worth selling.

    As far as the heat, the H40 isn't a very strong cooler. You'd do better with a Hyper 212+ or an upgrade to an H80, if you insist on staying on water. I mean, I live in Guam (tropical island 87° F) w/ no AC and my i7-930 was fine at 3.8GHz on air, temp wise, with a GTX 470. I sat at 50C idle, 75C load with a Xigmatek Dark Knight.

    You may want to reseat your heatsink, apply the TIM with just a drop in the center, and make sure you've got a solid fan. What TIM do you use? Reference:

    Feel free to send me a PM. You may want to start a thread on heat and close this thread--assuming you don't still want to sell it.
  8. thanks for the thoughts and I don't even use thermal paste I use toothpaste because I had to make shift it because I don't really have money to get thermal paste
  9. What the... NO! Don't use toothpaste! What are you thinking?? Thermal paste is a mere $4-5 for a tube of Arctic Silver 5 and even cheaper for the shittier stuff. Jesus no wonder it's so hot. Toothpaste will only work for 16-24hours until it dries up. I can see why you've got 64 degrees Celsius now. That toothpaste is long dried up and it's just the heatsink touching the CPU to transfer heat. What are your temps at load?
  10. ok i borrowed some TP from my uncle. im using the good stuff. jutst dont know what brand. now at 43C idle
  11. HAHA ^^^ toothpaste!! I think I found what my next youtube video will be about!


  12. Btw my temps at load are around 60C because my pc only uses like 13% of the cpu in any game
    ........even battlefield
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