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I am currently going to build a new system and this is the hardware that i chose:

-ABIT IS7, Intel 865 P4 Based ATX Mainboard, FSB 400/ 533/ 800
-Antec (USA) "Solution Series" 450W ATX Power Supply
-Antec (USA) Top Quality "SUPERLANBOY", Anodized ALUMINIUM ATX Case
-ATI Sapphire Radeon 9800XT 256M DDR TV/ DVI-I
-Corsair 2048MB TWINX-4000 (500 MHz) DDR RAM, 4x CMX512-4000 DIMMs
-INTEL PENTIUM 4 3.2Ghz/ 512K/ 0.13u/ S478/ 800MhzFSB/ HYPER THREADING READY
-Western Digital WD2500JD_SATA_3YR 250GB 8MB 7200RPM SATA

Is there advice that you people could give about this configuration? (eg incompatibilities) I have not chose a monitor yet but I think I might get the Dell 20inch Lcd as I heard it was good.

Also, Does the Is7 board come with a program that allows you to overclock in Windows like the Gigabyte motherboards?

I am not too sure about the RAM I chose as I heard it has a high latency. What does this mean? What RAM should I get for best performance?
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  1. Great looking rig.
  2. Antec PSU True Power is their best. Case I bought 1080AMG comes with 430 watt True Power PSU.
  3. Do you plan on OCing your Cpu?
  4. yeah, i think i might overclock my system as a later thing but not to do straight away. Someone just informaed me that the a17 is better than the is7. What is the difference? should i get the a17 instead? I also dont fully understand memory latecy. I heard that getting pc4000 ram will actually slow down the system... what RAM should I get?
  5. If you downgrade to a 2.8 or even 2.6 pentium (800FSB) and stick with that ram, you could overclock it easily to the point of outperforming your listed system.

    The AI7 (IFAIK) doesn't offer any performance advantage over the IS7, and the IS7 is a very well-proven motherboard, a very popular recommendation, especially for overclocking purposes.

    If you don't want to overclock, then PC3200 RAM will be fine.

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  6. wusy, you said if i overclocked a 3.2 with that RAM it would be slower than an overclocked 2.6c hmmm i really dont understand why...
    Also I heard that CPU's need to run in sync with the RAM... does that mean that the 3.2 has to run at a certain speed, NO greater and NO less?

    I would like to overclock my 3.2. I might not get pc4000 that was the first thing i chose because it was the fastest. I would like to know the BEST RAM for the 3.2c that is stable and overclockable.

    Thanks in advance
  7. Another question.. will an antec truepower 430watt be plenty for my rig? thanks

    Chipdeath, do you mean to say that the more expensive a17 (very slightly more and negligable to me) is worse off than the is7 for overclocking? the a17 is a newer board so it should be revised and better right?
  8. but a 3.2c will overclock way past a 2.6c right?
  9. Doubtfull, the pentium4 northwood core is reaching the limits of its architecture. I think intel are not going to release any more P4's over 3.4Ghz because the mojority of them just cant get over that speed on air cooling.

    PC4000 will not give you any performance advantages inless you overclock simply because no motherboard is designed to take RAM over PC3200. By overclocking you increase your FSB which increases both the speed of the RAM and the Speed of the CPU.
    A 3.2Ghz system has an FSB that is effectivly 800Mhz and dual channel 400Mhz RAM (making 800Mhz).
    A 2.6Ghz CPU overclocked to 3.25 has an FSB that is effectivly 1000Mhz and RAM that dual channel 500Mhz RAM (making 1Ghz).
    Therefore the overclocked 2.6 is actually better than the normal 3.2 because both its FSB and RAM speed are increased.

    Hope that helps

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  10. I now have four questions:
    1) What will I be able to overclock further; the 2.8c or 3.2c?
    2) What Ram should I get for the 3.2c (assuming thats what i get)
    3) will an antec true power 430 watts be enough for my rig?
    4)If anyone is good with sound cards, can someone tell me the difference between the different types of sound blaster 2 audigy cards? Some are very expensive and some are re;atively cheap.
    Thanks for all the help
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