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Hey all,
I'm building a system for a friend but I don't know how FSB correlates with the RAM and Mobo. I have an idea but I want to make sure.
I'm buying a P4 3GHZ, FSB 800mhz processor. I think the ram I will be purchasing is Kingston KVR400x64 1GB kit (2 pieces of 512MB). Now with the motherboard, I'm sorta confused. For me to use the 800FSB, Asus' website says " (When you used a CPU with 800Mhz FSB, you need to install a PC3200 (400Mhz) DDR memory.)".
Ok, got that, but this motherboard states that "P4PE-X supports FSB 800 MHz(O.C) up to 3.06 GHz+P4 CPU and Intel Hyper-Threading Technology. They raise the bar of PC industry and deliver a full value, high-performance solution for today's most demading tasks". Does this mean I have to overclock this system? Sorry for the confusion, but I'm as confused! Thanks in advance!

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  1. The asus website claims to support FSB 800, so you should be ok if your friend has a P4PE-X rather than a P4PE, since as far as I can tell, official FSB 800 support is the difference between the two. By the way, the US version of the site doesn't have the "(O.C}" there. It's probably there because most boards based on that chipset do not officially support FSB 800, I think. Also, as you probably know, your 2 sticks of RAM will NOT be running in dual channel, just in case you were confused about that.
  2. Thanks dude.

    I still have some questions now. If I get the P4PE-X, will it be running on 800FSB? This is the reason why. My friend wants Hyperthreading and I'm going to give him what he wants. The 2 sticks of RAM will not be running on dual channel, but that mean the RAM supports hyperthreading or is it just the chip and motherboard?
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