MW2 needs less XP on XBOX to level up than on PC

hey guys i have a question for you. have any of you heard of only needing a fraction of the XP points to level up on XBOX compared to pc version? My cousin and I both bought MW2 at the same time, i bought mine for my PC (i think its way better than console) and he bought his for his 360. after about a week he was already prestige and i was only at 40. Whatever right? he plays way more than me. so i would play play play play trying to catch up to him and he was already a 50 prestige 2 by the time i went prestige 1!! so after i while i gave up. Then he told me he was going to prestige 5 the next week. SO i was like ok well go to barracks and let me see your total XP. He only had roughly 1.2 million. so i went home and checked my XP and had 1.1 million! WTF?!? if ranking up and going prestige is strictly based on XP, then how could he be almost 2x the level that i am?
Is this XBOX's way of getting all the crappy 10 year olds to keep playing and letting the real gamers on PC's have a challenge? Plus im not a huge nerd but would it ever be possible in the future for XBOX and PC to play against eachother? or is that way not possible? thanks guys

P.S. i didn't sit on level 70 very long before i prestige, so i couldn't have gained that many points to make up for it.
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  1. Come to terms with the fact that some people are better than you at a game and/or they play more.
  2. how are they better than me if we both have the same XP? maybe i have longer gameplay time or it took me longer. but he only has 100,000 xp more than me and is 140 ranks higher (2 prestiges)
  3. Yo i agree with spuchie09. Those Xbox nubes are given a cookie for the console price. they think that xbox is all that when truely PC is where the real gaming takes place. Im a pc gamer and im planning on keeping it that way. Hail to MW2 on PC . lol, and yeahh i see what you mean that on pc its harder to prestiege. Im Prestige 32 and my Xbox friends are already in Prestige 3-4, only playing sometimes so clearly thats a give away for 10 year olds who play M rated games. lol
  4. consoles for the Kiddies and PC's for adults, of couse it's harder on a PC
  5. agreed. consols are for noobs. PC is harder and for more experienced peeps. plus anyone can afford an xbox these days. not everyone can afford a high end gaming PC.
    P.S. just finished my first build and this thing flys!! plus everything works! haha
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