PC games resolution developer standard 16x10 or 16x9?

Hi everyone, I have been deciding on a new monitor for quite some time now. I originally wanted the Samsung T260 25.5" 16x10 monitor but it is currently unavailable in Australia now so I am looking for something else.

I notice that the market is flooded with 16x9 monitors now which brings me to my question:

Is 16x10 still the main resolution that PC game developers design their games at? I play mostly FPS and racing games and I remember there was an issue with Far Cry 2 when being cropped to 16x9. Anyone have any information on this? Sources or links from developers and designers would be good if you do decide to throw any information my way.

Also I believe 16x10 is still better for browsing and viewing images too.

I am having a hard time choosing a 16x10 monitor now, I am looking for something in the 24.5"~28" range as I am currently using a Samsung 2232BW 16x10 1680x1050 monitor, I love it but I've sadly outgrown it as I watch lots of anime and some TV shows on my PC and don't game as much as I used to. Believe it or not I got twelve unfinished games at the moment!

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  1. well the 16x10 is taller so there will be more space on the screen.

    I have an ASUS vk264 or somthing like that. Wich is 24" 1920x1080. Before that had a Samsung thing which was 24" 1920 x 1200. The new Asus is smaller, feels smaller, but they were both good monitors, just the Samsung was faulty (weird dead lines of pixels after 3 months). Honestly I dont think it really matters that much! 16x10 is taller than 16x9 therefore bigger = better. But its not a big difference.

    And most games support all resolutions. I think developers probably develop at whatever resolutions their workstaions have.

    console resolutions are 16x9 if that helps? (Except for the ones which are 4x3)
  2. Thanks for that.

    I did know what resolutions console games are, but they suck don't they? hehe

    I am only interested in PC games.

    For a lot of people 16x10 does matter a lot unfortunately. Especially for photos and text related tasks.
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