Does ASRock = Asus OEM?

I was wondering if the motherboard brand ASRock has any affiliation with AsusTek. I saw in a circular made by a local pc shop claiming that ASRock is Asus OEM. I've used a board that they offer, under a different brand, and its really low quality. Just curious.
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  1. Asrock is a subsidiary of asus. They make cheap stuff. I would stay clear, though I do like most asus boards.
  2. Stay clear?

    They make good motherboards, I have an asrock and an asus, the asrock outperforms my asus in quite a few benchmarks.

    Mine is K7S8X-E with 1700+ running at over 2.2 GHz stable as-rock.

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  3. i have to disagree, im running an asrock K7S8XE with an 1800+ overclocked to a 2200+, win98SE with absolutley no probelms, rock friggin` solid this one is, has the SiS 748 chipset, and simply is by far one of THE BEST boards i have owned in the last 10 fact the only board i have right now that is the same, or slightly better is an aopen AK77-8X MAX, the only reason i would say the aopen is better is that it had serial ATA and a 3rd ide port!, i would put my asrock up against anyone elses board in a minute...

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  4. Two guys I do not want to pss off. When I say "I", I mean me. Asrock has to be saving money every place to sell these boards so cheap. I think that's scarey. Before I can trust a name, I need to see more history. Do you guys know that your boards are going to last? Are you sure you aren't the best boards asrock ever made? Until I have more proof, "I" will stay clear. These are not boards made by asus.
  5. why do people equate expensive with quality? just because its expensive dont mean its good, i have been keeping track of all of the asus boards and i see a ton of problems with asus boards, just look at all the threads on here! how many asrock problems do you see, not nearly as many, i know all boards will have problems, but i wont buy an asus brand board due to all the problems people have with them, my board has been running a few months now, i bought it used on the classified board from fang, so its been around awhile, how do you know YOUR board is going to last? survey says! you dont, neither do i, but i will put my asrock up agaist ANY asus board out right now!make note of the date and lets see how long they last! i have had more expensive boards that didnt have as many features as this asrock!

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  6. That would be because most OEM users would not need the advanced features of a deluxe board.
  7. I've had experience with their "M810LMR" motherboard for the AMD processors. The brand wasn't ASRock though, it was PCChips I think. Same model number and same specs though. The thing was a POS. The computer wouldn't boot at first. Then when I got it to boot and finally installed windows, it wouldn't run for more than 30 min before crashing. Tested all the other components and it function fine. Thats why it surprised me when I found out that ASRock is part of Asus.
  8. PCChips=ECS
    if I remember correctly..
  9. I have an ASRock K7S8XE (Rev 1) and it's has been rock solid. I've not had a single problem with it ever. If you look over at the OCWorkbench forums they have ASUS and ASRock in the same board and most problems are caused by the ASUS board! The only problems people seem to have with the ASRock is that some of the more amateur posters try and flash to the performance BIOS and bugger it up.

    I have my 2500+ running @ 3200+ with absolutely no mods and no voltage increases whatsoever. It's been running like this for months now without a problem (it's hardly ever turned off for downloading purposes).

    Their tech support is also fantastic. I paid a mere £40 for this board in July which is an utter deal! I have noticed a lot of people who used to buy the cheap ECS and PC Chips boards are picking up these ASRock boards now because it makes more sense (no CMOS clearing problems, no PSU issues etc).

    My Rig At Present:

    K7S8XE (1.21D Performance BIOS modded by myself to have a Logo)
    2500+ @ 3200+ w/ Volcano 7+ on Low
    512mb Crucial DDR3200 (2.5,2,2,5)
    LG 16X DVD
    LG 32X Writer
    Lite On 4x DVD-Writer.
    80GB Maxtor HDD (W/ 8mb Cache)
    Turtlebeach Santa Cruz Soundcard.
    Life View TV/Radio Card
    Geforce4 MX440 GFX (soon to be replaced)
    15" TFT
    350W silent Qtec PSU (this system previously worked fine on a generic 300w)
    Altec Lansing 251 5.1 speakers.

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  10. PC Chips own ECS and also have links to Matsonic, Syntax and various other boards that are simply rebranded PC Chips boards. It's ironic that PC Chips are crapper than ECS when they are the big daddy company (I always thought it was the other way around until I read an article on anandtech)

    ASRock should not be confused with ECS!

    AMD Is An Anagram Of MAD, Intel Is An Anagram Of INLET, Cyrix...Ah Who Cares?
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