Asus VG278h 27" LED 1080p 120hz 3d Monitor

Im selling my Asus VG278H monitor. The monitor was purchased on July 10th and is only 2 months old. The monitor is in mint condition without one scratch, dead pixel or any back light bleeding. Monitor has a 3 year warranty on it with ASUS. Monitor has a resolution of 1080p, with a refresh rate of 120hz. Its a second gen 3D ready monitor, with an LED backlit panel, light boost and a built in 3D emitter. Comes in original box with all accessories and exept of 3D vision 2 glasses. Monitor looks great in 3D and in 2D at 120hz. One of the best monitors i have ever purchased. Only selling it because i got a deal on 3 monitors for surround and dont have a use for it anymore. Monitor goes for $600-$650 brand new depending on where you buy it. Asking $400 + shipping in the US. Paypal only please. So $200-250 of a monitor that has been barely used is a good deal.

Heres the link to newegg with all the details:

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  1. dropped price to $480 shipped
  2. Final Price drop - $400 + Shipping
  3. Price to ship to UK?
  4. price to ship to AU?
  5. shamsmu said:
    price to ship to AU?

    I'm sure this still isn't available, the thread is over 5 months old.
  6. I bought mine new last month for $450 from
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